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Sony Hdr 47

Bell 47 Helicopter Start Up

This is the start up of a Bell 47 helicopter at Dawn Patrol in Sturgis, Michigan.

Google TV Finally Comes To Australia


When you purchase a Sony HX-750 or HX-850 TV from Wednesday, you’ll get a Google TV thrown in.

It’ll come with Sony’s new remote — a nifty little device that’s almost as clever as the box it controls.

The remote on one side features a slew of home and input switching keys, as well as a large multi-touch trackpad. On the other, it features an edge-to-edge, backlit keyboard complete with dedicated search hotkeys. To make sure you don’t click out of your own text box while typing, Sony has configured the remote to only activate the input device that’s facing upwards.

The remote can also be used as a universal remote for your home entertainment setup. The remote hooks into the Google TV box via Bluetooth and the box has two infrared blasters on its top left and right sides which send commands to your other devices. Nifty.

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