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Lens Hood 24-105

The American Pastime, Three Ways


Before I begin, let me preface that my colleague and good friend Louis DeLuca sort of did a (better) version of what I’m about to write; read it here .

Because of rotating schedules and such, it’s not super common that the same photographer will shoot every game of a Texas Rangers homestand. But, a couple of weekends ago, I had the opportunity — three days, three games (versus the Houston Astros).

The point of all this is to explain how we — as sports photojournalists — document something like a baseball game and try to the change things up; keep them visually interesting for our readers. (That’s the hope, anyway.)

If you wander into any ballpark in the country (most sports venues, really), you’ll likely see the photographers out there covering the event shooting with the following combo — three camera bodies, one with a 400mm lens, a second with 70-200 zoom, and lastly, one with a wide-angle lens of some kind.

British journal of photography British journal of photography

Photography – 2009 49 MetzSCA386 £49 Pro lens hood E £69 Most hoods each . . .£24 M bracket £49 BRONICA SQ/ SQAi SQAi comp lovely .£449 SQAMcomp £249 SQA comp M- … 199 24-85 F3.5/4.5 £149 24-105 F4 L £749 28-80 F3.5/5.6 MKII . .£69 28-105 F3.5/4.5 U . .

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